R&B Album Review: DRU – “On The Brink” [TekniqueTheKingpin.com]

DRU – “On The Brink”

What makes up the composite of an artist? Some say talent. Other’s say resilience. Many may say versatility… Well how about adaptive! This is the best way I can describe Toronto’s R&B and now POP artist DRU. From listening to this major label debut solo album (DRU released his frist album “The One” independently in 2008), he has learned to adapt to the current state of popular music.

Last night, I personally had the pleasure of getting invited to the “official” listening/release party for the long-awaited solo debut album by Andrew Grange artistically known as simply DRU, called “On The Brink”. Thank you to the team at Universal Music, who I go back with and consider fam, for the access to what I would say is the birth, or better yet re-birth of a solo singing force in R&B and POP music in Canada. I’ve been in the company of DRU on occasion for a while now and have seen his growth as an artist. I’m proud to say without bias and not because he’s my peoples, that he has flourished in his completeness as an artist.

This night of release started with DRU opening himself up to a very supportive crowd of dedicated fans, friends, peers and record label reps. You could tell by his personable attitude that he has waited for this “debut” moment and was sincere in his display and the hard work he put in to reveal his dream. DRU did a complete set of features from the album, including the runaway hit and first single “Gettin’ It In” (track #1 on the album) in complete acoustic format. No back-up singers, no drums, no keyboards, just himself and a gutarist. A very different look for the former lead singer of award-winning R&B group In Essence, who’s hit’s include “Friend Of Mine” and the buzzworthy underground hit “You’ll Never Find” over Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” beat released in 2003.

This was DRU’s shining moment! His chance to not only prove himself as a solo artist but to introduce his first solo effort “On The Brink” to a sample audience and industry folk. I believe he did it and did it well. Following the very crisp acoustic performance, DRU played tracks off the “On The Brink” album for everyone in attendance. Standout songs include “Give Her What She Wants”, “Win Your Love”, my personal fav “She Can Ride” and the possible second single “She’s Danger”, which DRU told me himself. The album is an array of POP & EURO beats to start off, and slowly smoothes it’s way into DRU’s R&B roots by the end of the album. I personally think listening to the album though the transition is too apparent by it’s arrangement. I would have love to have heard more of a mesh of the styles together instead of the feel of one to the other, however it’s still a good effort on first display to show the versatility.

Overall, this is a good album for an artist like DRU who I believe took risks with the songs on it, based on his previous work. It’s a testament to the current state of popular music and the diversity that Canadian artists have access to that not many artists from any other countries have. So why title this album, “On The Brink”??? I believe, if we’re talking about the brink of success, then I must disagree. This album is already there, it’s only up to Tanjola, Effortless Entertainment and Universal Music if it will reach commercial success because the music is there! However, if we’re talking about on the brink of reaching the next step by introducing a solid first effort as a major label debut solo album, then yes, it’s on the brink of musical growth for the future.

DRU, congrats bro! I support it. Time to shine brother… LET’S GET IT!




written by: TEKNIQUE The Kingpin

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