NEWS: Nas’ Life Is Good Album Enters Billboard At No. 1! [TekniqueTheKingpin*com]

Life Is Good for Nas.

After it’s first week in stores, the tenth album from the celebrated rap vet entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1. The release sold 139,000 copies, which was good enough to give the Queens native his fifth No. 1 album. This was his first solo project since 2008′s Untitled, which also entered the charts in the top slot. This time around, Nasty kept the team tight, as Rick Ross was the only rap feature on the album, and the majority of the production was handled by No I.D. and Salaam Remi.

Eager to continue to build momentum for the project, Nas is preparing to shoot new videos for some of the cuts on the album. “I got a record with Mary J. Blige that just gives you that feeling,” he told MTV’s RapFix recently of “Reach Out.” “It just feels like early Mary J. Blige, early Nas. I want to shoot a video to that.” He went on to mention that he plans on working with Chris Robinson on some of the visuals. “He’s a great director,” Nas continued. “I’m looking forward to shooting ‘Bye Baby,’ and making it like a movie. I want to do a lot of videos to this album,” he said. “It’s a video age. I want to do more than I’m known for doing.”


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