**FEATURE** – The Top 5 Reasons A Wifey Will Lose Her Man To A Sidechick! [TekniqueTheKingpin*com]

In a world where having a sex tape with Ray-J can crown you “America’s Sweetheart” with a multi-million dollar endorsements, to the strippers who cash out more bank in a month than some of the top doctors make in a year, we all know….‘hoes be winning’. But why do we see so many relationships crumble to the kryptonite of the sidechick? Check it out & comment below.

“The entree ain’t as good without something on the side” – Fabolous

Oh really Fab? Well, I took to twitter to find out why some main chicks lose their men to a sidechick…

5. Do you and your man argue every other day? You may think it’s cute, even looking forward to the make-up sex. But no man really wants that drama. He will call his sidechick just to ease his mind from all your bickering and then she becomes the one he confides in. Once she’s the go-to girl when he needs to vent, you are in trouble.

4. Please don’t be the wifey that loses herself when she gets a man. You stop going to the gym. You stop hanging with your girls. You don’t stay late after work sucking up to your boss anymore. Your life revolves around your man. You want to be best friends with his friends. You want to go to all his favorite places. All you want to do is spend 24/7 with your man. You quite possibly have become annoying. He may begin distancing himself from you and start entertaining someone new (sidechick). No one wants to feel smothered, even a man that loves you to death. Remember that when in a relationship a man should compliment you, not complete you.

3. In the words of @MeyerLansky21, wifeys lose their man simply because, “the main chick stops doing side chick shit.” To be a sidechick, takes a certain amount of arrogance. You know this man has a girl, but you think you are just soooo great that you will do any and everything his girl won’t to make him leave her and choose you. When you’re the sidechick, you bend over backwards for your fake man. Wifey, in the words of Babyface….”Don’t you…EVER…get too…comfortable“. No man wants a lazy chick. Think about it like this… whatever you won’t do, the next chick will.

2. Did you stop wearing that sexy underwear to bed and transform into the baggy t-shirt and scarf on ya head type girl? Did you stop giving him random head (like while he’s driving or while he’s sleep) and now just do it when you have your period? Sometimes it just boils down to your man wanting that new box – but a lot of times ladies, you lose that spark in sex that kept him hooked in the first place.

1. In a generation where a man finding someone new is as easy as checking Twitter and seeing an #availablebox tweet from a half naked, fake booty chick…..[@PotentialSideChick – Laying in bed, feeling so lonely these days, where’s my boo hiding? ] …you have to realize, not all guys are going to take the time out to communicate to you, what he feels you’re lacking. He’s straight hitting her DM box. All men suffer from instant gratification. Some men think you know exactly how they feel, even when they can’t express their emotions. Well if your man is that guy, stay on top of him….always check in and make sure he’s happy. If he spends every Friday night with you, but recently he’s been “home sleep” or “not feeling well” the past few Friday nights…there’s possibly a sidechick lurking in his inbox – time to check in. Time to practice a little something we call “Preventative SideChick-ism”….as soon as you see the signs – find out what’s going on in his head and do what you can to correct it – before it’s too late. Ladies, have you ever lost your man to the sidechick? Fellas, why do you need your sidechick when you have wifey?

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