**BEEF NEWS** – Fabolous & Ray J Go To Blows In Las Vegas! *both radio interviews* [KingpinTV.net]

So for those of you who may be lost as to why you see so much Fab and Ray J talk on your timelines this morning…let me break it down. Over the weekend, Ray J appeared in one part of the “24/7″ video doc on HBO that was leading up to the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz. In the video, you can see him playing piano in Mayweather’s living room in what Floyd called a “concert”. It was funny to some how it was presented, and several people made playful jokes on Twitter. Kevin Hart, Fabolous and more got into the fun. “Nigga Ray J doin a concert in his living room… Lmaoooooo,” Fab tweeted while he watched it. “Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!! Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice*” Fairly harmless, no? He even ran into Ray J the next day (unless he was joking) and all was love. “Jus ran into my nigga @RayJ at @iamdiddy dinner.. He told me & @KevinHart4real that it was a fucked up edit & bitches was there!!” But somehow someway…things didn’t go too well that night. Details below.

Apparently, both Ray and Fab were at the same party last night in Vegas. Details are still sketchy on what exactly happened. According to one site, Fab clocked Ray in the face and he hit the ground. According to Ray, HE hit Fab and Fab didn’t do anything. When he called into Power 105 radio station in NYC this morning to discuss what went down, he said, “When I seen him, I was with Floyd and 50 and he tried to say, ‘Don’t touch me.’ And I touched that n*gga!” He went on to say that he shouldn’t have been talking slick, only Kevin Hart could say things because he’s a comedian and he also said he was arrested and banned from the Palms Hotel where it went down because of it. However, TMZ has confirmed with the LVPD that Ray was not arrested so…what’s next? Rumor is Fab may call into Angie Martinez at 3. So there will be 2 sides of the story at that point. Then we just need the TRUTH! Who do you believe so far?

M. Mendez

Listen to Ray J’s jump-off wild out on the Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee & Charlamagne on Power 105!

Listen to Fabolous’ response, later in the day on Power 105 with DJ Clue!

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