NEWS: Lawrence Taylor Wins Teen Prostitute Lawsuit! [KingpinTV*net]

Disgraced American football icon Lawrence Taylor has won a civil lawsuit filed against him by the teenage prostitute he was convicted of sleeping with in 2010.

The former New York Giants superstar was sentenced to six years’ probation last year after pleading guilty to charges of sexual misconduct and soliciting a prostitute following allegations he bedded then-16-year-old runaway Cristina Fierro in a Ramapo, New York hotel.

The girl, now 19, subsequently filed suit against Taylor for assault and battery, claiming he forced her into having sex with him, and the case went to court in Manhattan this week. In her words:

“He was lying on top of me. I said I can’t breathe. I was pushing him away from me.’’ Taylor attempted to give the child oral sex, but she said “No!’’ and he stopped.”

She said she asked Taylor to put on a condom.

“It’s my first time,’’ Cristina whimpered. “He didn’t care . . . It was really painful.’’

“He had money in his pocket,’’ said Fierro. “He said, ‘Here. Turn the TV off when you leave.’”

Jurors began deliberations on Friday but it took them just 50 minutes to return a verdict, ruling the sex was consensual and clearing Taylor of the violence allegations.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom following his legal victory, 53-year-old Taylor said, “I feel for what she’s gone through. I wasn’t a bad person… I hope the best for her. Now, it’s time to go back and concentrate on my own broken life.

(Toronto Sun, BSO)

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