NEWS: Is Dwight Howard The New Shawn Kemp? [KingpinTV*net]

The NBA has a rich history of great players. It also has a great record of players having out of wedlock children. Now there is nothing wrong with having children like this. Marriage isn’t for everyone, but some NBA players take it to the extreme. The Question must be asked. Is Dwight Howard the new Shawn Kemp?

Lets take a look at Shawn Kemp.

Back in the 90’s the “reign man” was a beast putting dudes on posters everywhere. Kemp posted per game averages of 23.3 points on 55% shooting from the field, 10.0 rebounds and 2 blocks in the 1995-1996 finals against King MJ and the bulls, but the Sonics lost in six games. Kemp even gave Jordan present:

Kemp is also known for something else. As of 1998, Kemp had fathered at least 7 children. This number is alleged to be even higher, resulting in Kemp being an easy target for commentators’ jokes.

On a brighter note his oldest son, Shawn Kemp Jr., committed to play basketball for Auburn University on November 11, 2009. Shawn Jr, a graduate of Cherokee High School in Canton, Georgia is a 6’9″ 220 pound center. He was named as an alternate in the 2009 McDonald’s High School All-American Classic. Shawn Jr was heavily recruited by Florida, Alabama, Indiana, and Arkansas. Kemp Jr., did not qualify academically and did not play for Auburn during the 2010-11 season. In 2011, Kemp Jr. signed with the University of Washington.

And now on to Mr Howard

Howard much like Kemp has extraordinary athleticism for a NBA big man . He demonstrated this skill in the 2007 Slam Dunk Contest:

As early as December 2007, ESPN writer David Thorpe declared Howard to be the most dominant center in the NBA.

D12 as he is known to his loyal fans also seems to share the same baby making prowess as Mr Kemp.

According to BSO for years it has been known that Dwight has had other children, but the relevance of that information wasn’t important. That changed when information came out that Dwight was seeking sole custody of his son from Royce Reed. Below is a photo of Reed and Howard’s son.

Dwight has a gag order against Royce where she basically can’t say his name in public or that he is the father of her child. When Royce has possibly said anything in violation of that order Dwight has sued her. It is to protect his image, one that has been carefully crafted. According to TMZ one of the reasons he is seeking sole custody is because of Royce’s violation of this order.

Royce claims that the violation should be voided because Dwight has other children and their mothers aren’t subjected to the same type of scrutiny.

Hope Alexa who has a daughter named Jayde for Howard can be seen below.

Hope is from Vancouver and had Jayde December of 2010. She even has a picture of her and Dwight on her refrigerator confirmed by a source who has been in her home.

Tiffany Render, seen below is from Jacksonville and is currently being supported by Howard in Orlando. She also has a daughter Layla that was born in October 2010.

There are also unconfirmed rumors there may be two other women who claim to have children by Howard a woman named Emili in Seminole, FL and another woman of Caribbean descent.  If true that would bring the count close to Shawn Kemp levels.

So, if we are keeping count. That is 3 kids by 3 mothers (2 kids conceived within 3 months) confirmed, 2 more kids by 2 mothers unconfirmed, possible total of 5 kids by 5 different mothers, 1 girl calling him Daddy as late as December 2011 and an upcoming R&B singer as a girlfriend.

So as you can see there are similarities between both Kemp and Howard. Both showed freakish athleticism and baby making ability.

Kobe Bryant is considered the closest thing to Michael Jordan in terms of game and mannerisms. Howard is the second coming of Kemp. A few more championships…….oops I mean babies, will cement D12’s legacy as the NBA’s greatest babymaker.




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3 responses to “NEWS: Is Dwight Howard The New Shawn Kemp? [KingpinTV*net]

  1. Anonymous

    Yes it is! It’s called irresponsible!


  2. Devon allison

    “…there’s nothing wrong with having children like this…”

    Dude really???


  3. Eric

    Pull out!


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