NEWS: Rick Ross Fears For His Life From Gangster Threats, Hires Special Security! [KingpinTV*net]

Florida rapper Rick Ross is afraid for his life after running afoul of several chapters of the Gangster Disciples street gang. Two factions in particular, the Tennessee and Colorado Gangster Disciples, released videos that may or may not contain threats against the portly rapper’s life

According to inside sources, Ross is taking all threats seriously. Byron’s sources have confirmed that Ross hired some “specially trained security personnel” that will be protecting his life — and that protection comes at a steep price.

According to Hip Hop Enquirer blog, Ross is paying over 50K a week for this special protection involving former members of the army’s special forces and navy’s seal team.

In addition to the TN and CO chapters of the Gangster Disciples, the Georgia and North Carolina GDs also want a piece of him for allegedly not paying his dues. The Georgia GDs uploaded a video to YouTube accusing the former corrections officer of disrespecting their organization, and superimposing his face over their gang symbol.

Ross is also beefing with fellow rappers Jeezy and 50 Cent. But it’s one thing when you’re beefing with gangsters who have recording contracts, and another thing when the gangsters have nothing to lose.


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