VIDEO: Mack Maine ft. Talib Kweli & Lil Wayne – “Celebrate” []

Days after Lil Wayne’s second hospitalization for seizures, he’s the star of a new video for his Cash Money Records comrade Mack Maine. The “Celebrate” video, for a Maine song that leaked in April of last year, also features Talib Kweli and includes cameos from a few other rappers.

TMZ reported Friday night that Wayne, 30, was being “given his last rites.” That led a flurry of those close to Wayne — including Maine — to tweet that the TMZ story was not true. Eventually, that line was stripped from TMZ’s article on his condition.

T.I. took to Twitter to savage TMZ for their reporting, letting the gossip site know that plenty of Wayne’s “true to da game partnas” would “ride” to protect him.

It is, of course, all but certain that the “Celebrate” video was filmed in advance of Friday’s hospitalization news. At the end of the clip, a message to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting appears. “Sandy Hook: 26 angels, we love you,” the clip reads.

The video is available above.


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