**BREAKING NEWS** – Assault Warrant Issued For The Arrest Of Gucci Mane! [KingpinTV.net]

An arrest warrant has been issued for rapper Gucci Mane after a soldier claims he tried to get a picture with Mane, but instead was hit over the head with a bottle. 

The soldier (only identified as James) told WSBTV in Atlanta that he saw Mane at a club on March 25. James says he went over to the VIP area where Mane was hanging out and asked the security guard if he could get a photo with Mane.

James claims he was talking to the security guard and explaining that he was in the military when Mane hit him in the head with a bottle. James says hims head wound required 10 stitches.

James says he is in the Army and was stationed in Afghanistan until last October.

Lt. Jeff Cantin of the Atlanta Police Department told the station, “We do have an active warrant for Mr. Davis for aggravated assault. So I’m sure after he sees this, I’m sure he’ll want to reach out and contact us.”


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