WTF VIDEO: Popeye’s Runs Out Of Chicken! []

FRIED CHICKEN: A food that black people love. If your black your mom probably cooks it every Sunday: It is a tasty delicacy made by enclosing pieces of chicken within a seasoned coating and frying them in hot fat. Fried chicken is the national bird of the Blacks. Although any part of the chicken may be fried and eaten, generally it is the exterior parts you will find in a KFC bucket. This is enjoyed by black people everyehere. Internal organs (such as the lungs, thorax, spleen, and appendix) are more valuable as delicacies.

There has to be some socio-economic-cultural reason that black people are predisposed to fried chicken.

Ok fine I’m being stereotypical and racist. All races enjoy the bird. But this video does not help at all

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