OPINION: Rick Ross’ Rape Apology Doesn’t Address The Real Problem! [KingpinTV*net]

Editors note: I was inspired to write this after a church pastor read anonymous comments from a writer recently

Hip-hop artist Rick Ross took to twitter and apologized twice on Thursday for song lyrics that seem to allude to date rape:

It’s good to know that Ross has a moral compass. Some people would laugh this off and continue to condone lyrics and actions about sexual assault/rape. Sexual Assault is no joke. It can torture a woman’s mind, body and soul for life. It’s good to know that democracy was hard at work, protesting against “date rape” lyrics, but we as a society are being hypocrites.

Don’t get me wrong, glorifying, suggesting or promoting rape is not the message Hip Hop music should send to our youth. The majority of the hip hop fanbase today is also getting a steady messages of racism, the allure of the criminal lifestyle, murder, treating women like sexual objects and homophobia. When was the last time a true organized protest with full media coverage was done in regards to the aforementioned?

It seems the media has been very selective in this circumstance.

The media is not entirely to blame. The record labels, artists, corporations and even the buying consumer are all at fault

The buying consumer plays a key role because if they don’t support it, nobody along the supply chain gets paid. Think about it. Record labels and artists would have to change their direction to survive. Corporations will then use sponsorships & endorsements towards more socially acceptable content.

This is not something that will happen overnight. Change in the music industry moves very gradually. Instead of singling out one aspect of negativity let’s look at the bigger picture. Hip Hop needs to take into account the effect it has on the younger generation that haven’t grasped the difference of entertainment over real life and push for better messages.

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