TRIBUTE: Kris Kross []

Chris Kelly of Kris Kross fame died Wednesday. He was 34.

As a member of the group with Chris Smith, they shot to stardom in 1992 with the mega hit “Jump,” which spent eight weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100. Known for setting the early 90’s trend of wearing clothes backwards, the young group’s stock was so high they opened for Michael Jackson in 1992 on his Dangerous World Tour

We at would like to pay tribute to 1/2 of the dynamic duo, with some videos, commercials and interviews of Kris Kross. R.I.P. Chris Kelly.

“Jump” samples The Honeydrippers’ “Impeach the President”, Ohio Players’ “Funky Worm” and The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”


1993 Sprite Commercial


2nd video single from “Totally Krossed Out”


Oprah appearance alongside Marky Marky & TLC (R.I.P Left Eye)


3rd video single from “Totally Krossed Out”


Teen Summit Interview in 1992


4th video single from “Totally Krossed Out”


Atlanta’s Best In Entertainment interviews Kriss Kross


Number 1 single from their 2nd album “Da Bomb”


Single #1 from Young, Rich and Dangerous


Last commercial single & video

Thank you Chris Kelly for playing a role in kids getting beat by they moms for leaving the house with they clothes backwards. You will be missed

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