NEWS: MLSE Relieves Bryan Colangelo From GM Duties! [KingpinTV*net]

Newly appointed president & CEO of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Tim Leiweke has made a decision. Bryan Colangelo is out as the General Manager of the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. He will remain with the organization.

Colangelo was betting that his current course will produce success, However this was not sitting well with the new boss.

Not all of Colangelo’s tenure was bad. In 2007 the Raptors won the Atlantic Division in 2007 under his watch, with a core of battle tested Europeans and up and coming American players such as Anthony Parker, Jorge Garbajosa & T.J. Ford. He also found a way to get rid of Rafael “Hoffa” Araujo

Then things went down hill.

In 2006 with the first overall pick, Colangelo rolled the dice on Andrea Bargnani which had lukewarm success at best. The pick the Raptors sent to Indiana for Jermaine O’Neal turned into centre Roy Hibbert in 2008, and Hibbert became an all-star. Trading O’Neal to Miami for Shawn Marion helped open up the eventual salary-cap space Miami used to sign Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Signing Hedo Turkoglu with the money freed up by Marion’s departure as a free agent looked good at the time. It didn’t go well.

Colangelo’s Raptors picked DeMar DeRozan two spots after Stephen Curry in 2009. Once Bosh left and took the playoffs with him, they took Ed Davis two spots ahead of Larry Sanders in 2010. The Raptors took Terrence Ross two spots after Damian Lillard. The Raptors never passed on a clear superstar, but Jonas Valaciunas potentially aside, the Raptors always found a way to miss the boat.

It’s been five years since the Dino faithful have seen their team in the playoffs

This is in large part of Colangelo failing to be proactive with Chris Bosh’s departure. Bosh was never given pieces to build with him while he was here.

When Colangelo arrived the expectations rose and bigger things were expected. Instead, The Raptors have been in a 5 year rebuild plan with no clear plan for success. It was time for MLSE as an organization to look elsewhere GM wise and move the Raptors in the right direction


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