CANCON NEWS: Canadian Teenager Credited On Jay-z’s “MCHG!” []

Who is Ebony Oshunrinde? Never heard of her? Well Jay-Z has

Ebony is a 16 year old girl, who produced “The Crown” On the Innovative album Magna Carter, Holy Grail. While most 16 year old girls are worrying about fitting in and 16 year old boys, Ebony has produced a track for arguably the greatest hip hop emcee of all time.

A Brampton native (A Suburb of Toronto) Ebony’s production got into the hands of Jay-Z through a friend by the name of Travis Scott, who has worked with not only Jay-Z, but the always eccentric Kanye West

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has taken notice:

The yourng producer has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from the music industry and released this tweet:

Congratulations Miss Oshunrinde. Brace yourself, There is more to come.

Other Notable Bramptonians include:

Russell Peters, Comedian

Tristan Thompson, current NBA Player, Cleveland Cavaliers

Keisha Chante, R&B Artist

Anthony Bennett, 2013 NBA Draft #1 Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers

Jay Deala, Hip Hop Artist

D-Pryde, Hip Hop Artist


** CANCON stands for Canadian Content – The music/video must have either a Canadian artist, producer, or created in the country of Canada **


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