NEWS: Canadian Make-Up Artist Says Lil’ Kim Stoled Her Artwork! []

A Canadian makeup artist claims Lil Kim stole her photo and used it without consent. 

Samantha Ravandahl posted a selfie online depicting her face as a rotting “Glam Zombie,” complete with extravagant green and black makeup. Kim allegedly jacked the photo to use as the artwork for her single “Dead Gal Walking,” and Ravandahl wants compensation.

The Vancouver artist says Kimmy Blanco’s team promised she would pay for using the image, but have yet to settle the discrepancy because they “work slowly,” as she was reportedly told. 

Ravandahl’s face paint was inspired by an online makeup tutorial. She posted the end result on, Instagram and her own website as part of a Halloween-themed post titled “Halloween How-To: Pop Art Zombie,” alongside instructions on how to get the look.  

Kim hasn’t publicly acknowledged the allegations, however Ravandahl is prepared to sue if the Brooklyn rapper’s camp doesn’t respond.

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