NEWS: DeSean Jackson Moves On With Brooke Bailey, After Ex-Girl Chantel Jefferies Gets With Justin Bieber! []

It was all good just two weeks ago between Philadelphia Eagles baller DeSean Jackson and his model girlfriend Chantel Jeffries… Then Tuesday while Chantel was in Miami with friends, DeSean got was spotted getting “friendly” with Basketball Wives of LA Reality Star favorite, Brooke Bailey at L.A.’s Supper Club. The two were seen kissing and cuddling in the club.

Interestingly enough, Jeffries is best friendsees with another Basketball Wives of LA cast member, Brooke’s on-screen frenemy last season Draya Michele.

DeSean had to fly out of town Wednesday but he made sure that he was right by Brooke’s side Saturday as she hosted the annual birthday party for “That Bad One.”

The private red carpet event took place in the hot & heated Hollywood Hills Plaza location. After a few drinks the friends and fam affair transformed into an hour long wet t-shirt contest hosted by Brooke Bailey and Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid.

But the steamiest situation was between the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson and Bailey seen kissing and cuddled up in different corners of the mansion throughout the day.

Jackson stayed glued to Bailey all day and claiming her as his own throughout the night. Jackson also appeared on the 1st season of BBWLA with Brooke last year so the question is whether this connection has been going on or is this a new thing???

Chantel Jefferies & Justin Bieber



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