NEWS: Timbaland Reveals He’s Working On Jodeci’s New Album! []

Jodeci is dropping a new album with production from Timbaland, reports MTV News. 

Tim let the cat out of the bag during a fan video chat session on HangWith, the social media app that he backs. “People who follow Timbaland from day one, I met with DeVante [Swing] and I’mma help work on the new Jodeci album, just for ya’ll to know,” he said. 

After admitting that he’s not supposed to be talking about the project, Tim added, “That’ll be my career coming in full circle, connecting back with DeVante.”

The Virginia-born producer has a long relationship with Swing, who gave him the stage name Timbaland (before that, he went by DJ Tim).

Timbo linked with the Jodeci group member in the early ’90s through Missy Elliott, who at the time was signed to Swing and Teddy Riley’s Swing Mob collective.

In 1995. Timbaland and Elliott earned production credits on Jodeci’s last studio album The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel. While the group dismantled — with members K-Ci & JoJo recording several releases as a duo — Tim and Misdemeanor went on to write and produce for several other music stars in addition to building solo careers.

No word as yet on whether Elliott will be involved in the reunion for the Jodeci album. 


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