NEWS: Da Brat Ordered To Pay $6.4 Million To 2007 Bottle Assault Victim! []

“Or we can go upside their head with a bottle of bub…”

50 Cent rapped those lyrics in his #1 song “In Da Club” back in 2003, and four years later, rapper Da Brat found herself on lock down after she literally took a bottle to an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader’s head during a Halloween Party in Atlanta. Afterward, she served three years behind bars, and six months on house arrest, but that was just the half of her punishment.

While Brat was serving her jail sentence, the victim –Shayla Stevens — filed a civil suit against Da Brat which went to trial this week and she was awarded a total of 6.4 million bucks!!

Here’s the breakdown:

The jury awarded Shayla $3.7 million to cover both past and future loss earnings and medical costs. They found Da Brat responsible for Shayla’s permanent facial scarring, neurological impairment, and severe mental pain. Da Brat must also pay Shayla $2.7 million as punishment for attacking her that night in the first place. Ouch!

While on the stand, Brat admitted her wrongdoing and said that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Back in 2011, fresh out of her jail stint, she also dished to us in an exclusive interview that she believes the incident happened to teach her a lesson:

I think I was supposed to sit down. I believe everything happens for a reason. [I’m] not saying the incident was okay, but I believe this was God’s way of trying to get my attention. My temper was terrible. So if it wasn’t this, it would’ve been something else.

A very expensive lesson indeed.

We don’t know what Brat’s finances are like, but it’s safe to assume she’s probably going to be going on tour soon.


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