BREAKING NEWS: Jonas Valanciunas Charged with Drunk Driving! []

This sucks man. It’s not something I associate with Jonas, but we all have our crosses to bear and having a drink and going for a drive is apparently his.

This happened in Wasaga beach apparently, which is not surprising. Young Zarar has taken a few trips to Wasaga beach during his youth and I can attest that such behaviour is rather endemic around those parts. It’s something to do with the water, sun, scantly clad women, lack of police enforcement, private “picnic” areas, shady groves, and most of all, very readily available alcohol and other substances. Then again, all that doesn’t start till after May 24 weekend, so I’m not sure what Jonas is even doing there in April in a rainstorm. But hey, if he likes ice fishing when others are rolling in Vegas, then I’m not really surprised by this.

RR firmly stands behind Jonas in this tough time. We’re like the wife of the senator as he delivers his apology press conference after sending out pictures of his junk to random strangers. Yes, we’re almost like that wife, almost. She’s strong, supportive and most of all judgemental. RR is not judgemental. That is something we are not.

I’ll be curious to see if the team suspends him for such behaviour (they should), even though it might put our 50-win target and playoff positioning at risk.

Come back strong big fella.



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