NEWS: Floyd Mayweather Arrested For Attempted Murder And Kidnapping! []

TMZ has reported that Floyd Mayweather, the well-known champ, had allegedly planned and carried out a savage assault on two people who were none other than his employees. The TMZ has also learned that Mayweather attacked the duo because he suspected that the two employees had stolen his jewelry.

Sources who are familiar with the entire incident told the TMZ Sports that the two men who Mayweather suspects, had been hired by him to work on his homes in Vegas. However, while initially Floyd seemed to trust the guys, his faith turned into suspicion when he found that his jewelry was missing in the homes. This in turn, led to Floyd pointing fingers at his two employees.

According to reports, the two men have claimed that they had been contacted many weeks ago and were asked to meet Mayweather at an off-site location. When the two men arrived at the designated place, not knowing what to expect, they were confronted by none other than their employer Floyd who was not alone. Indeed, the champ was flanked by a number of others guys, who are purportedly his ‘people’. The group along with Floyd then proceeded to attack the two unarmed men with different kinds of weapons including stocky clubs. Reportedly, the group of people beat the hell out of the two helpless employees.

According to the sources, the extent of the beating was such that the two poor men could have easily died on the spot itself. Post the brutal attack, both the men were nursing broken arms and legs and had to remain in the hospital for treatment for several days. One of the sources commented about the savage attack that it was nothing less than ‘Breaking Bad’.

When told about Floyd’s suspicion which was the underlying cause for the entire episode, the two employees remained adamant that they had never stolen or taken anything from his homes. It is also apparent that Floyd too has realized now that the two employees he beat up in such haste were totally innocent.

However, there is no doubt about the fact that Mayweather’s realization has come a tad too late- the milk has already spilt and pretty badly too. Indeed, Floyd’s problems are far from being over; they have instead only multiplied. While he might have cleared his two employees of suspicion for stealing, the champ himself faces several legal charges. According to the investigators, Floyd’s rushed assault amounts to not just causing unnecessary mayhem, but also to more serious charges such as that of kidnapping and even attempted murder. It has also come to light that the two men who were victims of such a vicious attack have chosen to retain a lawyer to fight the case for them.

Only time can tell whether justice will be delivered in the case and if it will be possible for the investigators to get down to the bottom of the whole thing to find out who was responsible for jewelry thefts in Floyd’s Vegas homes.


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