NEWS: Aaliyah’s Family Plans To Prevent Her Biopic’s Production! []

After speculation has continued to rise concerning Aaliyah’s family’s unknown involvement in the production of the already controversial TV-movie chronicling her life, it can now be confirmed that they are certainly not on board.

According to TMZ, the late R&B singer’s family is taking legal action against Lifetime, the network which is slated to produce and air the film, setting out to halt any makings of an Aaliyah biopic.

Barry Hankerson, uncle to the “Rock the Boat” songstress, tells TMZ that the family is “pissed that no one from the network contacted them about the movie.”

Due to this disregard for Aaliyah’s estate and her loved ones, Hankerson says that the family will obstruct any attempt made by Lifetime to use any of Aaliyah’s music; the family has hired an attorney to help in their mission of preventing the film’s release.

The Haughton-Hankerson family is certainly not alone.  Aaliyah’s legions of fans have been very vocal about their distaste for the project, and even created an online petitionaimed at stopping the movie’s progression.

“This petition is to stop the making of this Aaliyah biopic,” it reads. “It’s wrong that Aaliyah’s mother or brother didn’t have a say so in this movie that is being made … We need to put a stop to this!”

Though those closest to the artist are against it, Lifetime is set to commence filming this summer, and has already cast 17-year-old actress and singer Zendaya Coleman as the lead.


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