INSIGHT: Why Ike Turner Is Smiling In His Grave! []

Bloggers note: Is it a question as to why this caught my attention?

As I get ready for football Sunday with my princess and family, the transgressions of

Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson , Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald & Jonathan Dwyer are fresh in my mind.

Greg Oden you are not out of this, but the NFL is receiving the most attention.

In case you are unaware of who Ike Turner was CLICK HERE or see below

Less than 5 weeks into the football season domestic violence has made headlines.

If you are unsure what domestic violence is (idiot) Here’s the definition:

“Domestic Violence: Violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse , partner or child”

Men are victims of this as well, but lets face it. From a global standpoint, women and children are by far the one’s who become victimized to this form of cruelty. Domestic violence comes in many forms. including physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse. Sadly the end results can lead to rape, disfigurement or even death.

Can we all say the NFL has a problem overall? Let’s look at a statistic. There are about 1,696 players in the NFL and 5 players have been accused of battering a spouse/child which is a percentage less than 1%. Statistically it is not an issue. Morally it’s a huge issue.

I’d like to point out some more key statistics. The NFL consists of roughly 68% African American players. At an average salary of $1.9 million per year, it allows for a very affluent lifestyle for blacks. They can support their families, give back to their communities and be role models to the young (Charles Barkley would not agree on the role model part).

The 5 players who are trouble with the law and the league for their domestic transgressions are 100% black

As a black man with a 5 year old daughter, this resonates deeply with me. With all the good young black men this is not the perception or the imagery the community needs. Footballers wear helmets. Most fans don’t really get to see the faces of the players. Sadly nowadays the best way to see an NFL’ers face is via mugshot.

Here is whats really scary. How many of the 1,696 players in the NFL have gotten away with this crime?

Don’t get me wrong. these violent acts do not occur in the community as a whole, however these ignorant few are lending credence to people who fear us.

Let us hope the Roger Goodell gets it right from now on and works with domestic abuse organizations and formulates a plan for action which includes the appropriate punishment for offenders and education for the league as whole to help players understand this scourge of society.

Let us also hope that NFL players speak out against domestic violence; Let us hope that black leaders speak out to the community .

Somewhere in Gardena California, Ike Turner is laying in his coffin smiling proud. Can you blame him? We seem to be doing him proud. Is this what we want as a people?

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