NEWS: Queen Latifah Plays Santa, Pays Staff Of Her Canceled Show With Own Money! []


In November it was revealed The Queen Latifah Show had been canceled after less than two seasons. And with the daytime series wrapping up production just before Christmas, the staff was only scheduled to get paid until the end of this week. But according to E!Online, the 44-year-old host is making sure her laid-off employees have a Merry Christmas and footing the bill for their salaries with her own money through the entire holiday season.

‘I just got word that Latifah is using her own money to pay the show’s crew through the holidays even though production has officially shut down,’ said the website’s Marc Malkin. Even though the services of the production staff are no longer required, original pre-taped episodes of the daytime show will continue to air through March 2015. The series premiered in September 2013 and featured several high-profile guests including Bill Clinton, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. It was announced last month that the show was getting axed after its second season with TMZ reporting its undoing was attributed to ‘ratings and costs.’

Speaking about the show being cut, Latifah told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘As I look back on it, I’m in shock at how many people have come on the show, supported the show and all the great things,’ the Golden Globe winner, born Dana Owens said. ‘I’ve been able to spend other people’s money to change people’s lives, which is the best thing to be able to do.’ No longer burdened with the pressures of hosting the program, the Hairspray star also revealed she’s shifting her attention to her personal life.

‘I’m going to take a little time and focus on Dana,’ she said, citing her birth name. She added: ‘Focus on D-love for a minute and then I’ll come back out swinging. That’s how I do. You know me; I’ve been here for a while and I’m going to keep going.’ And she’s already keeping busy with her acting career, as Latifah recently finished portraying legendary blues singer Bessie Smith in HBO’s upcoming movie Bessie. Co-starring Mo’Nique, Tika Sumpter and Mike Epps, a broadcast date has yet to be announced.


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