NEWS: Lil Wayne Threatens Baby And Cash Money With Lawsuit! []

It’s a strange time to be Lil Wayne. His proteges, Drake and Nicki Minaj, are among the biggest rappers in the world; Wayne’s own name still carries enough weight to give fans and critics heart palpitations when loosies pop up on the web. Yet Wayne’s long-delayed Tha Carter V is stuck in label purgatory. Not an unprecedented situation for a rapper to be in, sure, but the executive holding Wayne’s record hostage happens to be his longtime mentor and surrogate father figure, Bryan “Baby” Williams.

After tweeting his displeasure with and desire to leave his longtime home at Cash Money Records, Weezy seems to have taken it to the next level. TMZ, citing sources “very close to the feud,” reports that Wayne has issued an ultimatum, in writing: Either release Tha Carter V, or the rapper will sue Cash Money to get out of his contract.

Though Baby has not publicly commented on the situations, he reportedly balked at Wayne’s earlier complaints.



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