**BREAKING NEWS** – Shots Fired At Lil’ Wayne’s House In Miami! [KingpinTV.net]

Florida news stations are currently sharing live reports that a serious shooting has occurred at Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home. “According to a police spokesperson, an unnamed individual called saying that he had shot four people inside the home,” writes Local 10.

WSVN-TV has a live broadcast going. From it, we’ve learned that “the S.W.A.T. team has been requested” outside his $9.4 million, eight-bedroom mansion after a “caller said shots were fired, there may be victims, but the caller was not on the scene,” and that “at least 20 police officers on the scene.” A hostage negotiator has been called to the scene too. The network tweeted the following image, showing police cars at the scene:


According to Local 10, forthcoming details are vague due to Lil Wayne’s street being blocked off and media being kept a block away from the situation for safety. Police are trying to confirm any shots, noise or commotion from neighbors, but nothing has developed so far. The outlet says people from Wayne’s “entourage” are currently “on the scene,” but no contact has been made with anyone inside yet.

The rapper is currently suing his label Cash Money Records and its co-CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams for $51 million. Embroiled in the lawsuit, the rapper announced plans to release a new project The Freezy Weezy Album for free this month.

Stay tuned—we’ll keep this story updated to the minute.

UPDATE: Lil Wayne’s official Facebook was updated to say, “Wayne is okay. Was not home during alleged events” regarding a reported shooting at his Miami Beach home that may have injured four people.

Young Money Records president Mack Maine also wrote on Twitter, “Everybody good on our side…thanks for the concern.”

Breathe a sign of relief, music fans. The all clear has been given regarding a reported shooting at Lil Wayne’s house. “They’ve gone through the house…the all clear has, in fact, been given,” the local news station says, in what they’re deeming “a huge hoax.”

A public safety officer confirmed it was a hoax, saying no victims or subjects were not found inside. Police officers can be seen leaving the house in the live video feeds. Local 10 notes that two weeks ago, there was a similar shooting hoax in the Miami area.


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