*FEATURE* – Introducing “HUSTLE HOUSE”, The Most Anticipated Urban Reality Show! [KingpinTV.net]



GET READY FOR A NEW TYPE OF HUSTLE!!! The new reality formatted show is about 8 people who are going to be living in a house in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada together for one month (30 days) this upcoming Summer 2015. It is set to begin production in August where popular attractions in the city of Toronto, such as the Toronto Caribbean Carnival a.k.a. “Caribana” and the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition) a.k.a. “The Ex” can be incorporated into the show.

Everyday will be a new hustle; for example day 1 selling water bottles, day 2 selling t-shirts, day 3 selling chocolate. The very first episode each contestant on the show will be given $100 dollars and that’s all they’ll have to flip, double and/or triple up everyday with the different hustles they choose. Also another cool catch about the show is that the money they make, they have to use for food, so it’s a pretty serious hustle. So if you don’t hustle hard enough then you don’t eat!

One of the shows slogans is going to be “If You Don’t Hustle, You Don’t Eat”. Also a lot of people will choose not to eat for the simple fact that they want to have the most money by the end of the 30 days because the winner at the end of the show wins a huge prize, which for as of press release is $10, 000 (there may be more added a pre-production continues).

Now one of the most interesting factors of the show is how cranky 8 total strangers with various unique personalities will get living together that are extremely hungry (both literally and physically) and what kind of drama that WILL set off. The last two contestants that make the least money for the day, each day, will be working as a “paid slave” at a clothing & barber shop for the next day, which isn’t a good thing because the amount of money they will get paid working there will have a cap on it. For example they will only be working for 8 hours at minimum wage limiting themselves to roughly $90 a day as oppose to selling t-shirts for 8 to 10 hours at $20 a t-shirt and making a possible $300 to $500 for the day.

It’s going to be very competitive! Nobody is going to want to be the two people who made the least amount of money on any day. A cool additive to the show is, every Friday and Saturday they will be going to events (nightclubs, house parties, etc.) and taking a break from the hustle and having a good time. So if you plan on going clubbing in downtown Toronto this summer don’t be surprised if you see the cast. Maybe try to jump in front of the camera and get a quick cameo if you want to see yourself on TV because this show most def sounds like it will be a smash hit when it hits the air.


CHECKOUT THIS VIDEO BELOW with an explanation in detail of the audition process, by known Toronto DJ/rapper/host/entrepreneur a.k.a. “hustla”, ROCK DA HOUSE:


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