NEWS: Chris Brown Is Beefing Up Security In His House! []

Chris Brown is making sure that whenever he goes on a long trip again there won’t be any unwanted naked guests in his bed. TMZ reports that CB is installing a new

state-of-the-art security system in his home. He is also making sure that someone will be in his house at all times. One of Chris’ friends will housesit his Agoura Hills home whenever he’s out of town for now on.

Amira Kodcia Ayeb, a 21-year-old from Tunisia and is an aspiring singer who attends the University of Houston, broke into Brown’s house, stayed there for more than two days and waited for the Chris in his bed naked. The security system reportedly wasn’t on when she broke in. Ayeb could face more than seven years in state prison for breaking into Brown’s home, stalking and vandalism charges. However, Chris Brown does not want Ayeb prosecuted. He thinks she needs help rather than jail time. Brown has no ill feelings toward her and shared his last thoughts on Twitter.

The singer rolled up to a recording studio last night (May 11)—in a sick mini-like segway—and told TMZ pretty plainly that the intruder wanted one thing.




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