INSIGHT: HGH Testing….Who Will Get Exposed? []

As part of the collective bargaining negotiations in 2011 , on April 16th 2015 , NBA players will be subject to blood testing  for  the human growth hormone as per both the league and the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association)

The testing will begin in earnest during training camps in the fall of the 2015 – 2016 season. These tests will be random & unannounced. All players will be subjected to three tests annually- two during the season and once in the offseason.

In the event of a player testing positive, a 20-game suspension will be handed down. A second positive test will result in a 45-game ban. A player would be dismissed and disqualified from the NBA for his third violation.

This schedule of testing has been agreed upon by both the NBA and the NBPA

Keep an eye on player statistics next year. It’s highly likely that some numbers will fall off for certain individuals. Any opinions on who may be exposed?

Interestingly enough the league’s testing lab in located in Montreal Quebec Canada….

(Sources Include ESPN, TIME Magazine)



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