NEWS: Bismack Biyombo Blown Bunny Counter! []

Bloggers note: This Funny segment is courtesy of the True hoop affiliate for the Toronto Raptors

What is this?

During an unseasonably cold winter in the Congo, Bismack Biyombo wandered away from home and got lost. He was found two months later by a caravan of gypsies returning form the ancient city of Damascus after a successful expedition of trading for spices and herbs. Biyombo was found frozen inside of a bison’s carcass, and though he made a tremendous recovery, he lost sensation in both hands.

Years later and now in the NBA, Biyombo still suffers from the effects of that fateful winter. The manifestation of wounds inflicted decades ago are missed 4-footers which beg to be finished but, alas, are only met with an awkard bobble of the ball as it hits front rim. This page is the story of those bobbles.

Through the season’s first five games, Biyombo blew nine shots within six feet of the rim. These are blown bunnies, shots on which the entire NBA shot 56.9 percent on last season. Biyombo shoots 55.3 percent within six feet of the rim for his career, so expect the BBBB Counter to account for nearly half of his attempts throughout the year.

Where does this stat come from?

From here.

The number below is the number of blown bunnies Bismack Biyombo has had up to 11/17/2015




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