NEWS: Drake’s New Lipstick By Tom Ford, Sells Out In Minutes! []


Tom Ford’s much anticipated 50-strong Lips & Boys collection was always going to cause a stir. In addition to 25 best-selling lippies came the arrival of 25 new Boys, named after men the designer admires. So, which one sold out within minutes? Drake. Obviously!

The shimmery deep plum ‘Drake 60‘ was only available yesterday for mere minutes on Net-a-Porter before selling out, but true to their promise of “more stock coming soon” – he’s back. PHEW.

The metallic berry, inspired by the Hotline Bling star (or his snazzy dance moves), was “specially created with the influential rapper in mind” and is pretty of-the-moment given fashion’s obsession with the 90s.

As for other options, Tom Ford’s New York and Chicago boutiques confirmed via phone that they’re sold out, too, with no plans to restock. (If there was ever a time for the crying cat Emoji, it’s probably here.) And Nordstrom doesn’t even list the shade among Ford’s other offerings.  



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