NEWS: Actor Columbus Short Has Married Karrine “Superhead” Steffans! []

Columbus Short has a new woman in his life, and she might look familiar. The former Scandal star is coupled up with none other than Karrine Steffans, aka Superhead! What’s more, they appear to have already jumped the broom.

Steffans seemed to confirm the news on

Instagram last night, while responding to a follower who advised her to “be careful” jumping into another relationship and claimed she went on Short’s page and there was “no mention of you.”

“Ma’am…this is my husband. Legally. Try minding your business. Lord. You people. So nosy but never know what you’re talking about,” she wrote. She also has a number of pics posted to her Instagram with the hashtag, #MeettheShorts. While Steffans and Short have been working on a movie together with that title, it clearly has a more significant meaning now.

Apparently, Short and Steffans got married last October, shortly after Steffans shared news of her miscarriage with Power actor Rotimi.

Steffans was previously married to actor Darius McCrary of Family Matters fame. Short’s marriage to Tanee McCall ended in domestic violence charges in 2014. She is a former video girl and is also known in the industry as very promiscuous woman, having admittedly slept with several famous rappers and actors from Lil’ Wayne to Vin Diesel based on her autobiography “Confessions Of A Video Vixen”.

Hopefully this will be a new beginning for them both.


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