VIEW FROM THE SIX: Silento Disappoints Toronto And Most Importantly The Kids! []


The City of Toronto  endured a disappointing performance by Richard Lamar Hawk aka “Silento” the weekend of NBA All Star Saturday 2016. The  Atlanta native who

became a You Tube sensation thanks to “Watch Me ” failed to deliver on what could have been a memorable performance.

After arriving almost 4 hours late at the venue, Silento showed no remorse and did not offer an apology to the restless children and parents who spent their hard earned money. Patrons dealing with young children had to make a bevy of excuses as to why the artist they love was not on stage. Many left. Others argued with promoters and security. The performance was lackluster. Now I understand Silento does not have a large discography, but an artist with such a large following should have something lined up to entertain concert goers especially children.

When I arrived at the National Event Venue, I spoke with the DJ to ensure everything was moving smoothly. As a parent who took his little girl to the event it left a foul taste in my mouth similar to drinking Guiness. I was under the impression that Silento would have been providing autographs and interacting with the children based on how the event was billed. Instead I was only able to grab quick phone picture that wasn’t clear. When asked to take another “Richard” said “That’s all the time you need.”

The best thing about the event was the sexy moms who took time to look fly even tho it was for the kids. I have taken time to apologize to my daughter and let her know that this is not how performers act.

Hopefully Silento gets his act together and realizes that music careers are short and ailenating fans is not the right way to go about things…….especially children.



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