VIEWS FROM THE SIX: Toronto’s Forgettable Sports Moments Pt 2! []


Raptors Global Ambassador Drake Holds Back The Tears

Paul Pierce is a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer. He is a 10 time allstar, An NBA champion, The 2008 NBA finals MVP and one of the

most feared closers of his generation. He also abused the Toronto Raptors repeatedly over his illustrious career, whether in Boston, Brooklyn or Washington. Let’s call this forgettable Toronto sports moment “Everything Paul Pierce”

Lowry gets blocked.

With seconds remaining in game 7 of 2013/2014 NBA Eastern Conference opening round of the playoffs, Paul Pierce who is not known for his shot blocking abilities, Destroys the dreams of the Toronto Raptors with a swat that ended the Raptors playoff run.


Bosh gets Baptized

Tha Truth drives the lane and nails CB4 in the Vagina

Closing statement Brooklyn style

Pierce teaches the young Raptors how to finish a game with daggers

Wounded by Washington

Continuing his east coast stomping, Pierce shows up as a Wizard and proceeds to pick the Raptors apart as if they were a D-League team

7 times 3 

The Truth gives the Raptors that Math as he drills seven three pointers on the defenseless Raptors

2 for 1

Pierce decides to humilate Amir Johnson and Joey Dorsey with this slam:

Kris Kross

The Truth walks past Tyler Hansborough for the one handed slam

Welcome to the NBA  Jonas

Pierce the humble NBA ambassador welcomes Jonas Valanciunas to his first NBA Kodak moment…or Vine…or IG….

Thanks for the memories Paul. See you in Springfield.


More to follow


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