ADVERTISING is a daily up-to-date website packed full of online entertainment for a variety of people. The content on this website is also shared through various social networks, e-mail blasts, phone apps and more. We are very successful is getting a message across to YOUR potential client, buyer, patron etc. Let us organize the correct campaign for YOU!

The majority of our readers are affluent minority males and females, age 18-34 who love to shop, stay updated on urban culture and spend at least 40 hours a week online!

69% Female

74% African American

81% 18-34 year olds

39% have children

89% 40K+ income

44% college graduates

Use US as a means to draw their eye’s to your amazing product, event or website!


Available Ads

We have GREAT prices to fit your budget! We also accept various methods of payment including online banking, credit card, Western Union, PayPal and more. Let`s talk…

To get price quotes or other info, click CONTACT.




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