1.    Club/Event Promotion
       – KINGPIN TV will make your event, “the place to be”. With over 15 years in the business, let us hook you up with the best promo for your buck. We create flyers, promo videos, voice ads, street team etc.

   2.    Radio/TV Voiceovers
       – Get our subsidiary to produce and voice the commercial for your event or product.

   3.    Event Hosting
       – Let KINGPIN TV hosts entertain your audience at a social event, talent show, concert, prom etc. And get in on video!

   4.    Video Production/Directing
       – Filming an event? Looking to do a internet music video? Let us help you create the image you’re looking for. See samples in throughout the website and in the widgets on the right. (click above)

   5.    Entertainment Blog Posting
       – Need your video, news or music posted on this website or other popular blogs? Let KINGPIN TV handle not only the material but use our connections to get you the most exposure!

   6.    Spokesperson/Representative
       – Does your company need an energetic, creative and intelligent representative? Someone who can handle business for a specific region or industry event? Three words… KINGPIN TV hosts.


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