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INTERVIEW: Dwyane Wade Speaks About His New Beginning! [KingpinTV.net]



Three time NBA champion and Miami Legend Dwyane Wade speaks

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NEWS: Lamar Odom Car Crash & DUI! [KingpinTV.net]

Less than a week before Lamar Odom‘s DUI arrest early Friday, the NBA veteran was involved in a three-car collision on the same freeway.

The crash was not reported to authorities, but Los Angeles Times reporter Adolfo Flores said his car was rear-ended by another vehicle hit by Odom’s white Mercedes on Saturday. The incident occurred about 6 p.m. near the Gower Street exit on the southbound side of the 101 Freeway, Flores said.

Flores said he got out of his car after the crash to exchange insurance information with the other drivers. When he asked Odom for his information, he said, the 6-foot-10 forward — who most recently played with the Clippers and is now a free agent — asked why he needed it. Flores said he told Odom he needed the information because they were in a car accident, to which Odom replied: “It doesn’t even look that bad.”

Flores said his car and the car in the middle of the chain-reaction accident sustained moderate damage to their bumpers. Odom’s car had damage near its driver’s side headlight, Flores said, but it was not clear if the damage was from Saturday’s accident.

After Flores finished obtaining information from Odom’s insurance form, he said he tried to hand it back to the basketball player three times, but he wouldn’t take it. Flores said he then asked if Odom wanted him to keep the document.

“No, I need it to drive,” Odom said, before finally taking the form, Flores recalled.

After exchanging their information, the three drivers went on their separate ways. The third driver could not be reached for comment.

Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, did not return calls for comment.

Odom, 33, was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Friday after a California Highway Patrol officer observed him driving erratically on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, CHP Officer Leland Tang said.

CHP officials said Odom was in a white Mercedes sports utility vehicle eastbound on the 101 near Sepulveda Boulevard just before 4 a.m. when he was spotted driving below freeway speeds, at about 50 mph.

A CHP report notes that Odom was driving in a “serpentine manner.” He showed signs of being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and failed a field sobriety test, according to the CHP.

At the Van Nuys jail, Odom refused all chemical tests and was booked without incident, Tang said. Because Odom refused the chemical test, Tang said, his driver’s license will be suspended for a year.

“He did the one thing you should never not do: refuse the chemical tests,” Tang said.

Drivers suspected of DUI may refuse to take tests in the field, but once they are at a police station, they are required to take a chemical test. If they refuse, they lose their driving privileges for a year.

By obtaining a California driver’s license, drivers consent to have their breath, blood or urine tested if they are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver does “not have a right” to consult a lawyer beforehand, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

“If you refuse to submit to any of the tests, your driving privilege may be suspended because of your refusal,” according to the department’s handbook. It adds: “Even if you change your mind later and agree to a test, and your BAC [blood alcohol content] measures 0.01% or higher … your driving privileges may be suspended for both reasons.”

Odom was released Friday morning after spending about 3½ hours in jail.

An inventory of Odom’s SUV revealed no drugs, alcohol or other contraband, Tang added.

Odom has made headlines in recent weeks for alleged drug use, including reports last weekend that he was missing after a fight with his wife, Khloe Kardashian Odom.

His agent told ESPN that the basketball player was “not missing,” and a source told the outlet that Odom was at a Los Angeles hotel as friends tried to help him with a drug problem.

Kardashian Odom tweeted about the reports, saying it was “really hard to sit here and listen to people talk … about my family.”

If convicted of DUI, Odom would be required to submit to a mandatory evaluation by the director of the NBA’s anti-drug program, according to terms of the league’s collective bargaining agreement

(LA Times)



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UPDATE: Charges Won’t Be Filed Against Scottie Pippen! [KingpinTV.net]

Editors Note: This is an update from this previous post

Prosecutors won’t file criminal charges against Scottie Pippen for fighting with an autograph seeker who authorities say was drunk and exaggerated his injuries including faking seizures after claiming the former Chicago Bulls star punched him in the face.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Tuesday there was insufficient evidence to bring assault charges against Pippen for the altercation with Camran Shafighi at Nobu, a sushi restaurant and celebrity hangout on the beach in Malibu.

Pippen was dining with his family June 24 when he was approached by Shafighi inside the restaurant. Pippen obliged to have a photo taken but not with Shafighi, and then Shafighi followed the retired NBA forward outside into the parking lot. He again asked for a photo and an autograph from Pippen, who said no.

Pippen told investigators Shafighi became irate, “grabbing at him, cursing him and then spit in his face,” according to a report by the district attorney’s office.

Shafighi, 49, said Pippen punched him in the mouth and kicked him several times. The last memory Shafighi had before losing consciousness was seeing Pippen’s foot coming toward his face, the report said.

Pippen admitted spitting at Shafighi and pushing him away, but prosecutors said that based on witness accounts, it was unclear whether Pippen was the aggressor or acted in self-defense.

Shafighi, who has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Pippen, was taken to a hospital with a possible concussion. All tests showed there wasn’t any internal trauma, but Shafighi returned to the hospital later and told doctors he had been diagnosed with fractured ribs and ankle, the report said. The only visible physical injuries were a small bruise on Shafighi’s chin and a cut to his lip.

Shafighi, whose blood sample turned up positive for opiates and a 0.18 percent blood-alcohol level — twice the legal limit for driving — also feigned having seizures, according to the report. The seizures ended when the doctor ordered him to stop them.

The physician who examined Shafighi told investigators he believed Shafighi was “making up stuff,” the report said.

Pippen’s attorney, Mark Geragos, indicated his client will sue.

“This shakedown artist was drunk, screaming racial slurs, and assaulted my client and his family,” Geragos said. “Scottie and his family are grateful to the sheriff for their investigation and DA for their decision to reject these unfounded charges. Scottie and his family plan on holding this man accountable for his outrageous actions.”

Steve Kaplan, a spokesman for Shafighi’s lawyer Lee Boyd, said they were reviewing the report and couldn’t immediately comment.

Pippen, 47, won six NBA titles with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. In 1996, he was named one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.



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NEWS: Jay-Z Is A Generous Boss, Gives Employees Huge Bonuses! [KingpinTV.net]

Now an officially licensed agent, Hov has spent the last few months signing big name players to his Roc Nation Sports agency and to thank all of his employees for their hard work and dedication, Jigga Man himself decided to give each employee a $50,000 dollar bonus with more to come at holiday time:

The star — who recently released his 12th solo album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail, gave all of his employees a $50,000 bonus.

“Earlier this year he handed out $50,000 bonuses to everyone in his company, which includes assistants and very low-level people,” a Jay-Z employee tells Star. “He even promised another bonus for Christmas.

“He’s extremely generous — most celebrities are supercheap when it comes to running their businesses.

“He knows if his employees are happy, it will benefit him in the long run. His only demand was for everyone to have fun with the money.”


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INSIGHT: Staying Behind To Get Ahead: How Highschool Basketball Players Get An Edge [KingpinTV.net]

Blogger’s Note: I’d like to shout out Jalen Rose & David Jacoby for having a discussion on this “Marketing” phenomenon

Competition for a college scholarship is fierce for a high schooler. Parents, agents and coaches are all trying to find an edge to put a prospect over the top.

There is a practice that is not very well known, but it has become accepted in the ranks of high school basketball: Holding a potential prospect back a year to repeat a grade just finished.

So how does this help the prospect? Let’s look at a scenario of what will generally happen. A 13 year old that is held back is now a 14 year old in the eighth grade. More than likely this kid has gained playing experience, physical & emotional growth and developed his/her skills for the upcoming season. This prospect is now bringing everything gained and using it against competition that generally would not have the edge of the held back individual. The result? Domination of the competition.

Now what happens at the next level when a high school baller dominates based on always having a year ahead of the competitive field? Post secondary schools come running to see the new phenom. Scholarships come pouring in. Agents befriend parents, other relatives and friends of the potential goldmine.

Just to give you an idea of how common this practice has become, here are a few names that you may recognize that have used this method:

  1. Andrew Wiggans
  2. Nerlens Noel
  3. Wayne Seldon
  4. Dakari Johnson

Each of these players added another twist. Reclassification. Once it is determined they were good enough to move to the next level, they reclassified. By being reclassified, they are all moved to their original grade while in high school, to graduate on schedule.

It used to be that collegiate basketball players would stay another year in school to prepare for the rigors of the NBA. In today’s recruitment world  parents are willing to go ahead with this practice to provide their child an edge on the competition.

Let’s be reasonable. Not everyone using this practice will make it to the collegiate level or even the pros, however it does not hurt to have an advantage that is not illegal or frowned upon.

Bob Hurley, coach at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. who has amassed 26 state championships and more than 1000 wins in 39 years as a coach had this to say about holding prospects back a year:

“It’s a microwave society,” Hurley said. “Everybody wants something, but they’re not necessarily ready to work for it and earn it.” (NJ.COM)

What would you do?

 |  Instagram

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NEWS: Dwyane Wade To Pay 5 Million + In Divorce Settlement! [KingpinTV.net]

Dwyane Wade will pay his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade a divorce settlement of $5 million a judge decided Monday.

The settlement also includes a “non-disparage” agreement in which each party must refrain from making disparaging remarks about the other.

Funches-Wade also will receive the couples’ former mansion in South Holland and four cars.

Brian Hurst, an attorney for Funches-Wade, argued that his client never fully agreed to all the provisions in the settlement, including the “non-disparage” provision. But Cook County Circuit Court Judge John Thomas Carr decided both parties did agree on the deal and he found the settlement valid, effectively ending a six-year divorce proceeding that has drawn national attention.

Exactly what will constitute a disparaging remark still needs to be hammered out, but Wade’s attorney, James Pritikin, expects violation of the terms would result in a fine. Pritikin said protection from disparaging remarks also would extend to Wade’s family members, as well as his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union.

Outside the courtroom Monday, Funches-Wade expressed her displeasure with the decision. “My voice isn’t for sale, my story isn’t for sale, no thank you.”

Dwyane Wade did not attend the hearing, according to the report.

Funches-Wade sat outside of the Daley Center with a cardboard sign that said “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.” The reason for that being her claim that Wade had not been paying his $25,000 a month in spousal support, which his attorney denied in a statement.

“Dwyane Wade has made several requests over the years to settle this matter, despite Ms. Funches having 16 different attorneys and 2 arrests throughout this process,” Prtikin, the attorney, said. “Mr. Wade has provided a very generous settlement to Ms. Funches to continue to live a wonderful lifestyle for the rest of her life. Despite false allegations by Ms. Funches claiming to be ‘homeless’ and ‘destitute,’ Dwyane Wade has maintained over the years financial support to his ex-wife by providing her with income over $25,000 on a monthly basis, timely paid for her home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process.”

The couple married in 2002 and has two sons, Zion and Zaire. Wade filed for divorce in 2007, with it being finalized in 2010. In 2011, Wade was awarded sole custody of their kids.

(CBS Sports)



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NEWS: Tim Duncan Gay Rumours! [KingpinTV.net]

Editors Note: This is an update to this previous posting 

According to the International Design Times, Tim Duncan’s estranged wife Amy — whom he is expected to eventually divorce — says the reason for the couple’s split is due to Duncan cheating on her with another man.

During the first two years of Duncan’s marriage, multiple sources indicate that the unnamed man stayed with the couple and when the gentleman eventually moved out, Duncan purchased an apartment for him to move into. Tim Duncan also reportedly became friends with this person while he was a student at Wake Forest.

Though his estranged wife is attempting to slap all the wrongdoings of their marriage on the San Antonio Spurs star, other sources note that Amy was sleeping around with her trainer while Duncan was spending time with the aforementioned male.

“Amy treated Tim like a b*tch throughout their marriage because she knew he was [sleeping with] his BFF,” one person told The Urban Daily. “Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual.”

Though there is no hardcore evidence proving that Tim Duncan cheated on his wife Amy with another man, don’t expect this story to disappear for the simple fact that stories focusing on the personal lives of athletes and celebrities continue to grab hold of the internet and social media platforms.


 |  Instagram

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NEWS: Michael Jordan Has Reverse Vasectomy! [KingpinTV.net]

Back in April, Michael Jordan married fiancee Yviette Prieto, which was noteworthy largely because of Jordan’s rumored playboy lifestyle. One of those longtime rumors was that Jordan got a vasectomy after the dissolution of his marriage with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy. Well, Jordan has three adult children, but apparently he may not be done raising kids — and we’re not talking about the young Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) roster. Jordan has reversed his vasectomy because Prieto wants to have children, according to Gossip Extra. “That was part of the deal of them getting married,” said a Gossip Extra source. “Yvette was pretty adamant about having children with Mike. He had the vasectomy as his first marriage ended.” For the record, Jordan’s spokesperson has already denied Jordan ever had a vasectomy in the first place, according to Gossip Extra. However, the spokesperson would not comment on the couple’s future plans for a family.


 |  Instagram

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DOCUMENTARY: The Doctor – Dr. J. [KingpinTV.net]

 Take a trip through every aspect of Dr. J’s life as a basketball player; from his days playing basketball on the playground, to his high school, college, professional days and beyond.

Feel his pain after personal tragedy and how he handling everything with class.


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UPDATE: Dwyane Wade’s Ex Drops Lawsuit! [KingpinTV.net]

Editors Note: This is an update from this previous post

The ex-wife of basketball star Dwyane Wade has dropped a lawsuit she filed Tuesday alleging she was owed at least $1 million from her former husband.

According to court papers, Siohvaughn Wade filed a voluntary dismissal order today at the Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division.

The previous suit was dismissed without prejudice, according to court papers.

Earlier, Siohvaughn Wade claimed that the basketball star was engaged in a conspiracy to deprive her of money she was owed. In the previous complaint, she named Dwyane Wade, his attorney, his financial adviser and companies that he had endorsement deals for allegedly refusing to uphold an agreement that required money to be placed in a joint bank account.

The two were childhood sweethearts and were married in 2002. Wade filed for divorce in 2008.

(Chicago Tribune)


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UPDATE: Scottie Pippen Sued Over Recent Malibu Fistfight! [KingpinTV.net]

Editors Note: This is an update from this previous post

NBA great Scottie Pippen is being sued by an autograph-seeker for an altercation that happened outside a Southern California restaurant.

Via CBS News, attorneys for the autograph-seeker filed a lawsuit for $4 million Thursday in Los Angeles. They claim their client, Camran Shafighi, asked Pippen for an autograph for his girlfriend’s son and suffered a “brutal and unjustified” attack.

According to officials in the sheriff’s department, Pippen was eating with his family June 23 in Malibu at an upper-scale sushi restaurant. They say Shafighi was taking pictures and requesting autographs both inside the restaurant and then again in the parking lot, when an argument turned violent, which ended with Shafighi being treated at a hospital for a head injury.

After the incident, Pippen was questioned but not arrested or charged.

Pippen, 47, played 17 seasons in the NBA, winning six championships as a member of the Bulls alongside Michael Jordan. Pippen was named one of the 50 greatest players by the NBA.

Pippen was hired in October 2012 to serve as an advisor to Bulls president and COO Michael Reinsdorf.




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NEWS: Dwyane Wade Sued By Ex Wife! [KingpinTV.net]

CHICAGO (AP) — A legal battle that NBA star Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife have been fighting for years has a new chapter.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Siohvaughn Funches-Wade filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that Wade is violating the terms of a 2008 agreement that requires his endorsement deals be fully deposited into a joint account they both control.

According to the paper, the lawsuit claims a total of $2 million in damages from Wade, four companies involved in endorsement deals, a financial adviser and an attorney.

James Pritikin, Wade’s attorney, said the lawsuit was without merit and that he expected it to be thrown out of court. He also said that the lawsuit “mischaracterizes” the terms of the agreement involving the joint account but declined to comment further.

The lawsuit comes just weeks after Wade’s Miami Heat won the NBA championship series against the San Antonio Spurs — the kind of event that often results in more endorsement opportunities for professional athletes.

It also follows a messy divorce and custody battle that played out in Chicago courtrooms between Wade, a Chicago-area native, and his ex-wife for about five years. In 2010, Wade was granted a divorce and the next year he was awarded sole custody of the couple’s two sons.

Last year, Funches-Wade was arrested on misdemeanor charges of attempted child abduction, unlawful visitation interference and obstruction of a peace officer after an incident related to visitation. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said Wednesday that all the charges except obstruction of a peace officer have been dismissed. The office said Funches-Wade is scheduled to appear in court on that charge in September.

(USA Today)



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NEWS/VIDEO: NBA TV Employee Fired For Accidentally Airing This! [KingpinTV.net]

Apparently this really happened……

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NEWS: Scottie Pippen Knocks Out Restaurant Patron! [KingpinTV.net]

Scottie Pippen may have lost a step or two from when he dominated the basketball court during his NBA career, but the 47-year old will still put his paws on you if you get him angry. An unidentified man found that out the hard way Sunday, June 23.

According to TMZ, Pippen and another gentleman got into an altercation outside of Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California last night. Once fists started flying, Pippen emerged the winner and his opponent was taken to the hospital.

By the time police arrived the 6’8 Pippen had left the scene. Details are still emerging. We’ll update you as more information becomes available.


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NEWS/VIDEO: Drake Denied Access to Heat Locker Room! [KingpinTV.net]

After game 7 of the NBA finals, In which the Miami Heat clinched their 3 NBA title, Canadian rapper Drake attempted to get into the Heat locker room, only to be denied access.

Security stated that media only can access the locker room. Drake responded by saying “I am Media.”

Clearly Drake is not used to the word “No”

Later on, Drake was seen poppin bottles with Heat Nation at the club:

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NEWS: Allen Iverson’s Ex Wants Him In Jail! [KingpinTV*net]

Allen Iverson has a date this week with the judge who earlier this year called him a horrible parent … and seeing as his ex claims he owes $40,000 in child support … this new hearing will probably go as poorly for Iverson as the last one.

As TMZ first reported, when Iverson’s divorce was finalized back in February, the judge in the case tore Iverson’s parenting skills a new one … saying, “He does not know how to manage the children” and he “has been a hindrance to their spiritual and emotional growth and development.”

Now TMZ has learned Iverson’s ex, Tawanna, has filed docs with the court saying that Iverson has failed to honor the child support agreement that was handed down back in January. The order stated that Iverson was to pay $8,000/month in support for their 5 kids … but Tawanna claims Iverson has missed every payment he was supposed to make.

The two are set to be in court this week, where Tawanna wants the judge to order Iverson to fork over the $40,000 he owes in support and even suggest the judge lock Iverson up for his actions.

Should be a fun day in court.


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WTF VIDEO: Uncensored Trash Talk! [KingpinTV.net]

NBA “Trash Talking” on a different tip

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REPORT: Tim Duncan Hired A Private Investigator To Trail His Wife Amy! [KingpinTV.net]

Usually when we hear about athlete divorces, the cheating allegations are against the athlete. Even though Tim Duncan’s wife Amy was the one that filed, new information suggests that Tim might have been suspicious of her activities. Tim allegedly hired a private investigator.

The San Antonio Express is reporting that ten-time All-NBA forward Tim Duncan had concerns about his marriage as long as a year ago and hired a private investigator to tail his wife of twelve years.

Tim has asked that the case be held until the playoffs are over. Not an unreasonable request considering it looks as if the Spurs are headed back to the finals. With a prenup in place and Tim’s lowkey personality, the proceedings should be quick with a minimal amount of mud slinging.


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NEWS: Golden State Warriors Fans Killed In Shooting After Loss To Spurs! [KingpinTV.net]

Two Golden State Warriors fans were killed in a shooting following Thursday night’s playoff game in Oakland.

Two men, identified as residents of Contra Costa County, apparently were headed home from the game on Interstate 880 in a white 2010 Porsche Panamera when someone in a dark-colored SUV opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol, killing the driver, 30-year-old Christopher Beardon. The 28-year-old passenger, Terrance Marks, fled the car or was ejected as it struck the guardrail and veered into traffic, and he was struck and killed by another car. He also had been shot.

Police are seeking help from fans who attended the game and studying surveillance video from Oracle Arena in hopes of identifying possible suspects. The victims were outfitted in Warriors gear and had ticket stubs from the game, according to Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson, who spoke to local news outlets.

Police do not believe it was a road rage incident based on the evidence, including the number of shots fired.

The freeway was shut down for hours, snarling traffic leaving the Warriors’ season-ending 94-82 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

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REPORT: Suns Forward Michael Beasley Under Investigation! [KingpinTV*net]

Suns forward Michael Beasley is the subject of an investigation regarding an alleged sexual assault, according to police in Scottsdale, Ariz.

ABC15.com reports that the alleged assault took place on Jan. 13.

“At this point we can only say the investigation is ongoing,” said David Pubins, Scottsdale police spokesman. “We are interviewing those involved and processing any physical evidence we may have to try and determine if criminal charges are appropriate.”

KTAR also reported the investigation.

This is the second time during Beasley’s tenure in Phoenix that he has found himself in hot water. Word broke in February that Beasley was cited on Jan. 25 for multiple driving violations for driving 71 mph in a 45-mph zone at 1:10 a.m. in a Mercedes that did not have a license plate. Beasley was driving on a suspended license and a loaded gun was found in the vehicle. Suns management did not discipline Beasley after the incident.

It has been a long and rocky road since Beasley was the No. 2 pick in the 2008 draft after earning Big 12 Player of the Year honors during his one season at Kansas State. Before playing his first game for the Heat, Beasley was fined $50,000 for his role in a marijuana-related incident at the Rookie Transition Program. He spent time in a substance abuse treatment center in 2009 before the Heat traded him to the Timberwolves after just two seasons.

Upon acquiring Beasley, then Timberwolves president David Kahn called him ”a very young and immature kid who smoked too much marijuana” before he arrived in Minnesota. Beasley was later pulled over for speeding and cited for marijuana possession by Minnesota police during the 2011 lockout. He also shoved a fan in the face during a lockout exhibition game in New York and launched a lawsuit against his former AAU coach, alleging that he had received improper benefits during his one season at Kansas State.

Police confirmed the investigation within hours of the Suns’ announcing the hiring of Celtics assistant general manager Ryan McDonough as their new GM.

Beasley, 24, signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Suns last summer, although the final season is only partially guaranteed. He averaged 10.1 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists while shooting 40.5 percent for the Suns, who finished 25-57, the worst record in the Western Conference.


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NEWS: Michael Jordan Officially Married! [KingpinTV*net]

Michael Jordan married his girlfriend of five years, Yvette Prieto, Saturday in a jaw-dropping 40,000 square foot tent.

According to local realtors Jeff and Cary Lichtenstein, the couple’s venue was the “largest tent in wedding history,” and is actually 5,000 square feet larger than their home.

The Charlotte Bobcats owner exchanged vows with 35-year-old former model Yvette Prieto on Saturday in Palm Beach, Fla., Jordan’s manager Estee Portnoy told The Associated Press Sunday.

The wedding took place at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea with nearly 300 guests in attendance, including Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee and Ahmad Rashad.

The ceremony was followed by a reception at the Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Fla., a luxurious private golf club designed by Jack Nicklaus. Jordan, 50, owns a home near the course.

There were fireworks at night as part of the celebration.

In lieu of wedding gifts, donations were made to the James R. Jordan Foundation. The wedding flowers were donated to the Jupiter Medical Center.

The six-time NBA champion and Prieto met five years ago and were engaged last December.

Prieto wore a French silk voile corseted sheer sheath gown by J’Aton Couture, in an ecru palette with accents of flesh tones, with handmade silk lace created especially for her, and enhanced with Swarovski crystals. The gown featured French seamed crinoline borders, which cascaded into a dramatic cathedral train finished in the lace, with accents of a peacock-feathered design.

The entertainment included DJ MC Lyte, singers K’Jon, Robin Thicke and Grammy-Award winner Usher and The Source, an 18-piece band.

The guests were served an all-white, seven-layer white rum wedding cake that was covered in white fondant and sugar crystals, and adorned with crystal brooches and the couples’ monogram on the top layer.

Jordan and Prieto got engaged in 2011 after dating for three years. Jordan was previously married to Juanita Vanoy from 1989 to 2006.

(AP, Huffington Post)

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NEWS: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Divorce Finalized! [KingpinTV*net]

Game, set, match. A very pregnant Kim Kardashian looked triumphant as she left a Los Angeles courthouse on Friday, April 19, after the judge officially announced that her year-and-a-half divorce battle with ex Kris Humphries had come to an end.

“Yes, it’s done,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They realized there was no fraud and the judge urged Kris to settle. Finally it’s over!”

Kardashian, 32, and Humphries officially announced their split after just 72 days of marriage in October 2011, and have been in a bitter court battle ever since. While Kardashian sought a clean divorce from the NBA player, Humphries instead filed for an annulment, claiming that Kardashian had committed fraud when she said “I do.”

According to TMZ, Humphries, 28, dropped his demand for an annulment, and will not get a single penny from Kardashian, despite his previous request for $7 million from his estranged wife. Both parties will also pay for their own attorney’s fees, squashing reports that Kardashian might require Humphries to pony up for hers.

The Kourtney & Kim Take Miami star showed up on time for the proceedings Friday morning, and answered a few short questions from the judge, an eyewitness tells Us.
When asked if irreconcilable differences led to the breakdown of the marriage, Kardashian responded yes. She denied that counseling would have helped the marriage.
Save for the court’s final sign-off on the judgment — which will need to happen before June 19 — Kardashian and Humphries are now officially divorced, just in time for the July arrival of Kardashian’s baby with boyfriend Kanye West.

Humphries was not present for Friday’s hearing, despite court orders. He was also absent from an Apr. 12 settlement hearing that was meant to keep the case from going to trial.
“[Kris is] just wasting everyone’s time at this point … The judge is furious. So disrespectful,” a source told Us Weekly of Humphries’ previous absence. “Kim showed up pregnant!”

And there are other things that haven’t quite worked out in Humphries’ favor either. Earlier this month, the Brooklyn Nets player demanded that he have access to several emails his estranged wife had sent him from closed accounts. The judge denied his request on Apr. 15, just days after he was a no-show in court.

Luckily for Humphries, however, the judge has ruled his failure to appear in court “irrelevant” now that the case is settled. The athlete was previously set to be hit with fines for failing to show up to several court-ordered appearances.

(Us Weekly, TMZ)

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NEWS: Man Sues Derrick Rose For Missing 2012-13 Season! [KingpinTV*net]

A 25 year old Peoria Illinois man filed a lawsuit Thursday against Chicago Bulls Superstar Derrick Rose. Matthew Thompson, a self-described long-time Bulls fan, and electrician claims Rose missing the entire 2012-2013 NBA regular season has caused him to have mental breakdowns and emotional distress, which ultimately led to obesity issues.

The former MVP is still recovering from an ACL surgery which has caused him to miss the entire season, his status for the playoffs as of Thursday is still unknown.

According to reports, Thompson claims Rose displayed negligent behavior by refusing to return to the court, despite having been cleared by team doctors. He blames his health issues on the MVP’s refusal to return.

No word if Peoria County Officials will take this lawsuit seriously.


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GROUPIE TALE: Girl Feels Insulted Over Nick Young’s “Payment”! [KingpinTV.net]


Editors note: This is an account from the young lady involved. We all know that there are 2 sides to every story. There may even be some exaggerations.  

Here is what a young lady had to say in regards to an encounter with Nick Young of the Philadelphia 76’ers

“Nick Young wasn’t the first celebrity I’ve came across. Well, specifically he’s the dumbest but far the richest from my observations. I remember seeing him on media takeout when his longtime girlfriend and Teyana Taylor got into a little tussle so I tweeted about it and of course he was tagged. Immediately after my tweet he searched for my Face book and began to message me. My thoughts, this was odd but whatever. Nick and I carried very brief conversations but nothing to be excited about. We continued to share Face book messages for about 6 months before he ask for my number. He mentioned that he had a game in ATL and wanted to hangout. I gave him a fake internet number. We chatted for a long time yet I was skeptical not knowing if it was actually him or his fat ass friend in all his pictures. I was not in ATL during his first visit to town instead we chatted on and off for probably once or twice a week for six months. Once again he was back in town, this particular time my intention was to stand him up but during practice he injured his knee!

Less than a month later, Nick informed me that he was going to be in Atlanta for a game right after my birthday (What a surprise). (Fast forward) the day he made it in he contacted me around lunch time saying he wanted to hang out! INTENTIONALLY I KNEW HE WANTED TO F***! I just wasn’t sure how he was going about it. I told him I’ll come after I get my hair done. I hit him back around 12am. He had a lil attitude tossing a hissy fit claiming my hair shouldn’t take so long around this time he accompanied his teammate at the club and explained he wouldn’t make it back in till 2am! He contacted me while headed back to his room at the Ritz!  I took my time coming and I didn’t make it till around 3:30ish. When I arrived he met me down stairs in the lobby! He is a lot thicker in person and a lot more attractive than his goofy ass pictures. My panties got wet in my jeans hugging all my curves. I tried carrying out a conversation but my allergies where killing me so my voice was damn near gone. We finally made it to his room and it was a hot damn mess! Not like it bothered me any, as long as his d*** wasn’t dirty! When we first walked in he plops on the bed and a grown ass man turned straight into a damn 5 year old within seconds! He laid on the bed covering his eyes saying he’s tired and had the audacity to still complain about my hair!

Then no more than 5min later…So what’s up (the sex question) Dumb answer! (You tell me) At this point it was obvious he wasn’t willing to be the seducer, so of course I had to take on the role allergies and all. I dropped my pants to the sexy lingerie piece from Fredrick’s of Hollywood!  Nick’s eye were instantly glued to my 43 inch ass. I climbed on the bed and sucked his d*** which was hard as hell. I would say 9inches pushing a10! Let’s say his d*** was thick and long! Perfect! His d*** tasted amazing. I could suck his d*** all day but since he wasn’t paying all my bills that wasn’t an option. He kept pulling away! Groaning repeating OMG while I devoured his d***! He reached for a condom and told me he wanted some p****. My walls cringed at the sight of his d***! He told me to turn around and held my waist while he pounded me in the doggy position! He lasted less than a minute! At this moment my p**** felt numb and full!

I wasn’t ok at this moment. He f***** me like a 2 cent hoe and didn’t have a problem showing it! He got up and rinsed off in the bathroom explain he had good news and bad news! Good news he wasn’t expecting it to be good! Bad news he was tired and wanted to go to bed! I already tossed my clothes on while he was washing off in the bathroom. I didn’t feel right and I didn’t want to extend my stay after all I was getting kicked out anyway! With our 30 min extravaganza I got my keys and prepared to walk out he passed me 300 bucks and claimed it was gas money! I couldn’t help but laugh! 300 dollars was Mc Donald change! Me just turning 23 Im doing extremely well for myself without the credit card scams and strip club like the rest of these b****** in Atlanta! He treated me as if i courted him like some night club hooker! After a year of talking and this??? Hell I would’ve charged a tad bit more and got my money in the beginning of i would’ve known He was going to treat my like a prostitute Never would i agree to 300 dollars! At this moment I wanted to kick his tall ass but I held back and we shared a church hug! No reservations to see each other later! just a simple goodbye! The 300 was a joke to me! Especially since his baby mama looks like a burnt gremlin and his girl look like a tranny on steroids with a f***** up weave! I’d assume he would at least turned out a tad bit logical about this! ! like my theory! you pay me to keep my mouth closed! not make my way 3 miles up the road! F*** u nick!”

If this is for real, Nick Young just wanted a quick release and she just happened to be available.


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NEWS: Javaris Crittenton Officially Indicted On Murder Charges! [KingpinTV*net]

From humble beginnings as a child in Atlanta Georgia, to starring at Georgia Tech & making it to the NBA, Javaris Crittenton seemed destined to make it big. Things have changed for the former Georgia State “Mr Basketball” and member of “Future Business Leaders of America”

Crittenton was indicted on murder charges along with his cousin in a case officials call a gang-related shooting that took place Atlanta in 2011.

No trial date has been set.

Crittenton, 25, and Douglas Gamble heard of 12-count indictment in Atlanta’s Fulton County District Court. Officers allege Crittenton fired a gun that killed a mother of two, Julian Jones, who was walking in a group of people. Officials suspect the incident was retaliatory, citing Crittenton as the victim of a robbery during which he had $50,000 of jewelry stolen.

Crittenton’s last stint in the NBA was with the Charlotte Bobcats. He was drafted in the first round of the 2007 draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and played for the Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards.

He is well known for a Christmas Eve 2009 incident in which he and teammate Gilbert Arenas drew guns on each other in the Wizards’ locker room during an argument over gambling debts

(Toronto Sun)

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UPDATE: J.R. Smith “You Trying To Get The Pipe?” T-Shirts now available! [KingpinTV.net]

This entry is an update from a previous post: http://wp.me/p1iuIi-1Ex

Yes folks for $28.99 (USD) you can own your own J.R. Smith “You Trying To Get The Pipe?” T-shirt. It is available as a cotton, poly & rayon blend that is one of the softest, most desirable shirts on the market. This wonderful medium-lightweight tee has a vintage / fitted cut. Sizes range from: SM- 2XL

Visit: http://skreened.com/theknickswall/you-trying-to-get-the-pipe-blended for purchase details

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NEWS: Michael Jordan Wedding Invite Includes Vow Of Silence! [KingpinTV*net]

Now that the Pamela Smith suit has been dropped Michael will now marry Yvette Prieto. For those invited to the wedding there is a catch. 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times,  Michael Jordan’s wedding invitation included a request for RSVP — and for silence.The invitation for Jordan and Yvette Prieto’s April 27 black-tie affair in Palm Beach, Fla., instructed guests not to speak to the media, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, or share wedding details with friends and family who might talk. Guests also were asked to shed their cameras and cell phones unless they plan to use them for personal photos.

Jordan filed for a marriage license this month in Florida in preparation for the April wedding to his long-time girlfriend, a Cuban model. The Sun-Times reports a prenuptial agreement was required of Prieto.

(Chicago Sun – Times)

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UPDATE: Michael Jordan Files Counter Claim In Paternity Suit! [KingpinTV*net]

This is an update from a previous post : http://wp.me/p1iuIi-1Fq

Michael Jordan has asked a Georgia court to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who says the NBA hall of famer is the father of her 16-year-old son.

Jordan’s lawyer John Mayoue said in the document filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court that the six-time NBA champion is not the father of Pamela Y. Smith’s son. Jordan accused her of making false claims against him.

The NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats majority owner said the paternity of the teen has already been “conclusively established” in divorce filings between Smith and her ex-husband.

Jordan, 50, released a statement to The Associated Press on Monday through his spokeswoman Estee Portnoy saying,

“Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father. He also filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions for the false claims made against him. It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kind of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation.”

Jordan’s response to Smith’s Feb. 6 lawsuit said her suit is a

“shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system.”

Smith’s lawsuit requests Jordan take a paternity test and pay child support. She also requested the boy’s last name be changed to Jordan, and for a judge to order the Georgia Department of Vital Records to issue him a new birth certificate.

The lawsuit requests that any hearing or trial be conducted in closed court to protect the teen’s privacy.

However, Smith’s publicist acknowledged that the teen posted a video to YouTube on Dec. 25, saying Jordan is his father and that he wants him to play a larger role in his life.

“Pamela had no choice but to support her son and his desire to forge a relationship with his father,” Smith’s publicist, April Love, said in a statement Friday. “That’s why she is now speaking out and prompting Michael to do the right thing.”

Love said Smith, 48, and Jordan met in Chicago in the late 1980s.

According to court documents, Smith does not have an attorney. A court date is scheduled for March 12.

Hopefully Pamela wasn’t the one who gave him the “Flu” back in 1997 during the NBA finals.


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NEWS: Michael Jordan Hit With Paternity Suit! [KingpinTV*net]

Michael Jordan, one of the most celebrated athletes in sports history has been hit with a paternity suit. According to TMZ, Pamela Smith had a fling with the NBA legend back in 1995 which resulted in the birth of Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds in June 1996 while the Chicago Bulls were putting the finishing touches on the Seattle Sonics in the NBA finals.

In December 2012, Taj posted a video claiming Jordan is his father.

“I have some exclusive, exclusive information I feel like everybody should know. If you’ve been hearing any rumors on Twitter, Instagram, MediaTakeout, any of that…it’s true,” Taj proclaims. I feel like ya’ll should know and I feel like he should be more in my life about it, too.” “I’m his son. I’ve met him.” “I want him to be more in my life.”

Smith charges in the suit, filed on Feb. 6 in Fulton County, Ga, that she wants to retain full custody but also now wants child support as well as medical expenses for her son. Smith is also pushing to make Jordan Taj’s legal last name.

Details to follow


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GROUPIE TALE: J.R. Smith Gets To The Point! [KingpinTV.net]

New York Knicks super sub and potential sixth man of the year J.R. Smith has been showing flashes of Growing up and developing. Sports pundits were even arguing that Smith, in his eighth NBA season, should have been given all-star recognition for his stellar play.

Recently things have changed. According to CBS and The New York Post, The Knicks are losing patience with the talented swingman:

As the season’s progressed, we’ve seen more of the old, not-so-grown-up Smith. Terrible shot selection, poor shot making and attitude. Lots of attitude. That attitude problem boiled over in the Knicks’ blowout loss to the Pacers on Wednesday. Smith was ejected and generally acting up both during and after the game. And Knicks coach Mike Woodson is getting tired of it.

Asked if he had spoken to Smith about his behavior, an angry Woodson said: “I’m not happy about how we played and how we carried ourselves professionally on the basketball court. We can’t do that. I’m not going to tolerate that. I’m just not.”

Smith also had an incident with the Knicks’ mild-mannered assistant coach, Herb Williams. In the first half, Williams and Smith exchanged angry words on the bench during a timeout. After the game, Williams’ anger seemed to carry over.

As Smith talked to a media scrum, Williams walked over and ordered Smith to take his headphones off while he was addressing reporters. Smith’s headphones were draped around his head. Smith took them off and Williams shook his head in disgust as he walked away.



And now all social media is abuzz due to this Direct message conversation with Smith and an 18 year old female fan:


J.R then clarified what he meant by posting this picture with the tag  “#YouTryingToGetThePipe.”

Not looking good for Smith right now. Shout out to my cousin for predicting this outcome

(CBS, NewYork Post,BSO)


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